Saturday, March 17, 2012

kiss me i'm irish

being the irish girl i am, i thought i'd give you all some inspiration on how to make the most of this fun lil holiday!!!

start your day with a fabulous green smoothie...and today you are allowed to add some sugar because it's a holiday and calories don't count!

throw on something green 'cause it's no fun to get pinched all day

go somewhere green and get lost in the beauty of it today

do something green like planting a garden for our beautiful mother earth

get your peepers dolled up with a green lid for an amazing night out :)

then since you've had such a productive day, treat yourself to the largest green beer in sight (like i said before, no calories today!)

happy st. patricks day

*images courtesy of pinterest

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

walk on the wild side

shoes are the finishing touches to every outfit...right??? so why not make your biggest statement with some fancy footwear. what kind of girl are you?

are you a wild child?

are you tough and edgy?

are you sweet and girly?

it's a tough call for me, but i think i could be each girl depending on the day. most likely you'll catch me walking on the wild side in a pair of flat leopard booties.

happy shopping!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

pink lady

 so last week my tiny darling had her first father/daughter dance. of course it was themed, but luckily it was one of my all time favorites! i pulled out my trusty viking and got to sewin! i made a really simple pattern using tissue paper, cut out some felt, slapped a poodle on it and called it a day. click on the link here for a super easy poodle skirt pattern

take a look at my pink lady and then enjoy the lil montage!!!


photo credits- tumblr

Friday, March 2, 2012

light switch

add a lil life to your wall.... it's easy! try by adding decorative light switches :)

 zig zags

polka dots

 SURPRISE!!! add a secret story about you and your family. place it inside the light switch for the next homeowners to find... kind of like a hidden time capsule



for pre made amazing switch covers shop- or get creative and use your favorite photos, wallpapers, or scrapbooking paper with a dash of mod podge and VOILA!

credits: modernswitch & interest 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

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diy: tie-dye time

So, it's my sister's baby shower and we all know that means it's time for me to get crafty.  This is the first boy in a long line of girls and he's about to get the royal treatment- TIE DYE STYLE.

What You'll Need:

1.) a onesie, t-shirt, or any cotton item
2.) rubber bands
3.) dye in any brand/color you choose (RIT or Idye to name a few)

Take your onesie, shirt, or whatever you've got and twist!  Use the rubber bands to gather sections and tie them off.  Remember wherever you put the rubber bands is where the white will be.

Next, follow the directions on your dye package. Usually you will fill a large pot with warm water, add your dye, bring it to a boil and drop your presoaked items in.  Here is what they will look like 30 mins later!!!  You will then throw them in the washing machine, give 'em a whirl and....

Out comes the most precious, one-of-a-kind, personalized baby gift ever!  To make it a little more special, try adding iron-ons or other embellishments. Anything goes!

How will you do yours?