Thursday, March 1, 2012

diy: tie-dye time

So, it's my sister's baby shower and we all know that means it's time for me to get crafty.  This is the first boy in a long line of girls and he's about to get the royal treatment- TIE DYE STYLE.

What You'll Need:

1.) a onesie, t-shirt, or any cotton item
2.) rubber bands
3.) dye in any brand/color you choose (RIT or Idye to name a few)

Take your onesie, shirt, or whatever you've got and twist!  Use the rubber bands to gather sections and tie them off.  Remember wherever you put the rubber bands is where the white will be.

Next, follow the directions on your dye package. Usually you will fill a large pot with warm water, add your dye, bring it to a boil and drop your presoaked items in.  Here is what they will look like 30 mins later!!!  You will then throw them in the washing machine, give 'em a whirl and....

Out comes the most precious, one-of-a-kind, personalized baby gift ever!  To make it a little more special, try adding iron-ons or other embellishments. Anything goes!

How will you do yours?


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  1. These turned out so cute for our new baby boy____???? now if your sister would only pick a name:)